II – Dilapidation of the main structure:

Article 47 – If the entire Main structure has been destroyed, the condominium ownership on the main property will end by itself.

If one of the independent parts of the main structure is completely dec decimated and the owner of that part does not have the part rebuilt within two years, the other floor owners or some of them may request from the judge that the share of the land belonging to that part be transferred to them in exchange for its value and in proportion to the share of the land within a year, starting from the completion of this period. In this case, the decoupled land shares are marked with the digit of the relevant pages (Declarations) of the condominium property register; they plot the transferee of the shares, within two years, starting from the due date, all property owners within the same time connected to redecorate ruined independent independent departments or part of the shares in a plot to in Paragraph 2 of Article 3 of this law hasapliyar accordance with the guidelines of ownership of property are obliged to show the log.

If the provision of the above paragraph is not complied with, the condominium ownership on the main real estate will end spontaneously, and the provisions of common ownership will apply to both that real estate and the insurance price received for the dilapidated sections.

One of them, completely devastated and more than one independent section to be re-done if it is connected to the other independent owners who ruined them again and they’re usually yaptirmiyaca parts, starting from the date of harabolma the other owners are obliged to notify in writing within six months. (AMENDED SENTENCE RGT: 28.11.2007 RG NO: 26714 LAW NO: 5711/20) (CODE 1) It is accepted that those who do not report do not want to deconstruct, and their land shares are transferred to those who want to redo their parts in exchange for their value first of all.

Condominium ownership over Harabolan independent sections is automatically converted into a floor easement for the duration of the periods written in this article, and a temporary comment is provided to the house of declarations in the condominium register. When the independent section is made, the condominium on it is reborn and the temporary comment is deleted from the register.

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