III- Notification assignment and deregistration:

Article 48 – If all or part of the main property or the main structure is destroyed, the manager immediately notifies the land registry office and all condominiums of the place where this real estate is located; if there is no manager, the independent part is destroyed by the landowner; the owner of the floor, whose independent part is ruined, is also responsible for one-fifth of the damage, and the Treasury is not responsible for all damages caused by failure to report it.

When the condominium ownership ends, the pages in the condominium ownership register are closed and the registration of the real estate is registered in the general register in accordance with the principles of common ownership in the proportion of land shares, by showing the parts that remain intact from the main structure and providing a link to the general register of the log before the decominium register is established. In this case, the provisions of common ownership also apply to the insurance costs and debris.

If it is desired to build a new structure on the basis of condominium ownership again by the owner or co-owners on the land of the entire ruined main structure, the provisions on the establishment of a floor easement and condominium shall be applied.

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