I – With the destruction or expropriation of anagayrimenkul together with its plot:

Article 46 – Condominium ownership ends with the deletion of the registration record in the condominium register.

Condominium ownership does not end spontaneously when all independent parts of anagayrimenkul are collected in the ownership of a single person.

Record all collected in the independent parts or all of the condominium owners in his possession Malik, the reversal of the name of the condominium in anagayrimankul will be deleted upon the written request of the property and real estate, detached sections connected to the plot, according to the general gacirile to a new page and log in by shall be registered by providing a connection with the old records. If there have been changes in the nature of the main real estate after the establishment of condominium ownership, they are also recorded in the new register.

If one of the independent sections is registered with a right in kind or a personal right annotated to the register, it cannot be requested that the condominium ownership on the main property be converted into ordinary ownership and the registry registration in the condominium register be deleted, unless that right is deleted from the register with the consent of the rightholder.

If the owner of the registration right does not consent to the deletion of the registration record, but agrees to transfer the right only to the debtor’s share of ownership or to all common property shares according to the nature of the right, this right will be registered in the general register by transferring it to all common property shares in that real estate that are subject to the debtor’s ordinary property without deletion from the register.

In the event that the main real estate is completely destroyed along with its plot or expropriated, the deletion of the registration record is made in accordance with the general provisions.

If the main real estate is expropriated, the expropriation price of each independent dec is assessed separately taking into account the land share and add-ons to which it is linked, and is paid to the owner of that section.

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