Building Registration Fee
The cost of building registration is taken into account in the account
approximate unit cost of the structure to be purchased
rural-urban area separation of prices
development in residential areas with
it is not sensitive to differences, and also takes into account the value that will be obtained from the structure
it has been determined without taking into account. According to the criteria in the regulation, especially rural
the construction registration fee calculated in the fields is equal to or above the building price
it may come out and this affects the applications negatively.
According to the communiqué for the main real estate
applications will be submitted from the owners
it can also be done by someone, but the entire cost of building registration
it is understood that it must be paid by the applicant. In this case
the cost of building registration is the applicant’s financial
as of the condition that you can pay
due to the fact that it is too high, the process is interrupted and the structure is registered
The document cannot be edited.
Building registration on behalf of the main real estate
the price is paid by a single owner
if it has been paid,
the recourse procedure for other owners may be faced by the parties, as the price will be charged in full
there may also be a possibility that it cannot be detected.
In addition, those who have received a Building Registration Certificate, but have previously received electricity and water
building owners with subscriptions
due to the high transaction costs and the fact that they are not foreseen for a while, the breed change and
there are no condominium transactions, which means the expected income from the Law
it has a negative effect.

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