Building Registration Certificate and Comdominium
Provisional Zoning Law No. 3194
obtaining a building permit in Article 16
da has not received a building use permit or does not have a building permit
in buildings, with a Building Registration Certificate
having the consent of all the owners and in the zoning plans
in case of abandonment of areas corresponding to public service areas
it has been arranged that breed change and condominium ownership can be established without seeking a building use permit,
According to the Circular of the General Directorate of Land Registry Cadastral10, after the transaction, the Structure will be registered with the Registration Certificate
the real estate benefiting from the law/
according to the declarations of the independent department, the Article of the Law of the transaction
the scope takes place in the direction of
it is stated that a statement will be made.
Especially in real estate with shares and/
or it belongs to one of the shareholders/owners in the common areas and has a floor
shareholders or owners in case of obtaining a Building Registration Certificate for structures or building sections that have also been made contrary to the ownership legislation
as there may be disputes about the decoupling of consent between
all properties must belong to
by using the areas by the owner of the structure, other owners
their rights will also be violated.

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