Compliance of Structures with the Rules of Science and Health
According to Article 22 of the Zoning Code, in order to obtain a building permit, an architectural project, a static project,
electrical and plumbing projects, painting and
it is necessary to add a sketch with accounts, retouching or other dimensions,
even in Law No. 6360, the structures
in order to be considered licensed
while the requirement of ”compliance with the rules of science and art” is being sought, the Building Registration
Issuance of a certificate and registration of condominium ownership
at the stage of passing such a requirement
are not required.
In the Law, “The earthquake resistance of the structure is the responsibility of the owner” by saying that the structure
In the structures where the Registration Certificate will be issued
building safety is only with earthquake
related to other issues related to the safety of life and property
it’s not a given. In the Communique, the “Structure
earthquake resistance and strength of the structure
violation of the norms and standards of science and art
it is the responsibility of the “place of provision
the responsibility of the owner has been extended by giving.
Structures that have been issued a Building Registration Certificate
considering that it is actually used and the period for its renewal is also uncertain, life and property
the risk to its safety remains
references Earthquake resistance of the manor structure or life and property
in case of an application for its safety, the structure
a license is required, and at this stage, the compliance of the structure with the zoning legislation will be sought, since licensing operations
it cannot be done and the actual use of the structure will be continued.

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