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An Attorney’s Fee Agreement has been concluded between the parties whose names, surnames (or titles) and addresses are indicated above under the terms written below Dec In this agreement, the owner of the business (Client) and the person on the business (Lawyer) are called.

Article 1- The work that the (Lawyer) takes on:

a) It will follow up the enforcement proceedings that have been filed or will be filed against the site that is its client, as well as the lawsuits and enforcement proceedings that have been filed or will be filed by the client during the contract.
b) The client may request a written or oral legal opinion from the attorney during the contract.
c) The proxy will attend the ordinary or extraordinary general meetings of the site and give his opinion on legal issues.
d) Lawyer, from whom the power of attorney is issued …/…/…. it will follow the cases from the date.
e) The lawyer will submit an annual report to the site every three months and will be able to request the necessary information and documents with a Lawyer he will appoint who will always be able to review the case files.
f) The lawyer will personally follow the work assigned to him. However, with the permission of the cooperative and temporarily, he can give the case and enforcement proceedings to a Lawyer other than himself. If a fee arises from making this work, the Lawyer will be responsible.
Article 2-8 to the Lawyer for the work that is the subject of the contract.The fee in the article will be paid. If any of the payments that must be made within certain periods of time are not made, the entire fee will be muaccel.

Article 3- The lawyer will follow the work he has taken on to the end in accordance with the law and the provisions of this agreement. If the lawyer is authorized to hold someone else with the power of attorney issued, he can follow up the work he has taken on together with other lawyers whom he deems appropriate, as well as leave the follow-up to them completely. The client may also grant power of attorney to other lawyers, provided that he receives the written permission of the lawyer.

Article 4-All expenses necessary for the performance of work, such as taxes, paintings, fees, belong to the client and must be paid by the Client to the Lawyer or his authority at the first request of the Lawyer. All expenses incurred for the work provided belong to the client.

In order to ensure that the above-mentioned expenses can be made by the lawyer, the client must make an advance payment on time to cover the expenses. The client will give the lawyer as much expense advance as necessary for this work in advance.

Due to business travel and hearings, plane, bus, car, train and ferry tickets and reasonable accommodation fees will be paid by the client separately from the fee as transportation expenses.

A hearing in the presence of higher courts, such as the Supreme Court of Cassation, the Council of State, is subject to a separate fee.

Article 5- A lawyer cannot ask for any fee if he refuses to follow up the work he has taken on for no good reason and resigns from the power of attorney for no good reason. He is obliged to return the fee he received in advance and the advance of expenses that he did not make, if any, and the documents provided by the client.

This power of attorney does not give your client after conclusion of contract, get the file back to any other attorney or attorneys without the written permission of Tashriq to give the job to another lawyer, claim, or failed to pay the expenses necessary for the defense requested the information, documents and evidence does not give you the address if you modify the Notify in writing the new address, but the tracking of the work thus make it impossible to give up wholly or partially from the case without the consent of a lawyer or receivable tracking, in cases where it prevents the follow-up and conclusion of the work in any way, such as being a magistrate with the counterparty or releasing the counterparty or dismissing the lawyer for no justifiable reason, the lawyer may break the contract. In this case, the entire fee specified in the contract must be paid immediately and at once at the first request of the lawyer.

Article 6-The address written above is the notification address of the client. He accepts that all notifications and notifications to be made by the lawyer to this address have been made to his person.

If the client changes his address, he must immediately notify the lawyer of his new address in writing.

Article 7- In cases where there is no clarity in this agreement, the provisions of the Law on Advocacy No. 1136 are applied.

Article 8- Except for withholding to the lawyer for the work subject to this agreement ….. TL+VAT attorney’s fee will be paid. The lawyer will cut a self-employment receipt every month for a fee.

Article 9- Term of the contract …. it is lunar and can be extended. However, during the contract period, the site will contact the lawyer …. (……) may terminate the contract at any time provided that it is notified in advance on the day. And the lawyer …. (…) it may terminate the contract at any time on the condition of notifying it a month in advance. However, the Lawyer is responsible for following up the litigation and enforcement work until the work is taken over by the authorities, and this period is in no way …. it can’t exceed a month. After the signing of the contract, the fee hikes made to their staffed lawyers are reflected to the Lawyer in the same way.

Article 10- Taxes, pictures, fees and funds arising from the signing of the contract belong to the Lawyer.

This agreement …/…./…. it will begin with the power of attorney issued on its date. It is issued in two copies. It was prepared, read and signed by the parties at will. …/…./….


A lawyer                                                                                        ……. SITE

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