SELLER: …………….
-Address: …………….


SET: ………….


PRODUCT: items subject to the contract and subject to purchase and sale, as well as natural products




1october The subject of this agreement is ANNEXED to october annex to this agreement.-1 the specified products are provided to the BUYER by the SELLER during the term of the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this agreement, and the BUYER receives these products from the SELLER in order to resell them in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.


2- All commercial relations and transactions between the SELLER and DEC BUYER that are not otherwise agreed in writing are subject to the provisions of this agreement. This agreement also applies to all commercial relations and transactions between the parties that have previously been concluded and/or that have occurred without a contract. dec.




This agreement enters into force on the date of its signing and remains in force for one year.If one of the parties does not notify the other party in writing at least a day before the expiration of the period, its date will automatically extend for a year on the same terms. This provision is valid for the year from the date of entry into force of the agreement.




1-Order documents, special dec offer documents, order letters, order confirmation, invoices and written special agreements between the parties, which contain the type, quality, quantity, amount, payment method and, if any, special conditions of the PRODUCT subject to sale, are considered an integral part of this agreement. The terms of this agreement apply to such documents and issues that are not specifically regulated.


2- The sales price of the products subject to sale, is indicated in detail in the table located at -2. The SELLER may change the price and terms of sale of the invoice and/or undelivered commodity without notice.


3- This agreement, all expenses arising from all documents and negotiable instruments related to sales and sales, as well as taxes, duties and charges are the responsibility of the BUYER and will be paid by the BUYER.


4- It is the BUYER’s duty to inspect the sold PRODUCT, including all tests, research and inspections, within a day after delivery or on behalf of the BUYER in the form of delivery, to be deposited in the warehouse … It is the BUYER’s duty. Article 23 of the Turkish Commercial Code on defective goods.the article will be applied. In the determination of shame, the competent and competent courts are determined within the framework of the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code No. 6100 and the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102. The parties have mutually agreed to reduce the statute of limitations for the case to one day.


After the purchase, in case of any inalments that have been subjected to any processing without due diligence by the BUYER, the notice of shame is invalid, even if it is within its period.


5- The BUYER agrees not to produce, distribute, promote and sell the goods that are the manufacture or import of competing companies that are included in the scope of the PRODUCT subject to this contract, and not to promote, travel, etc. of competing companies.b. it agrees and undertakes not to use its gifts in any way, not to participate in promotions, gifts, meetings or trips that competing companies apply to their sellers and dealers, and not to cooperate and provide information for any reason.


6- The BUYER agrees and undertakes to constantly stock and display all the types of PRODUCTS available to the SELLER, and if the SELLER finds missing products during the checks, the BUYER agrees and undertakes to purchase these products at the current price.


7- The BUYER will provide the SELLER with all kinds of inventory and financing information in writing within a day if requested by the SELLER.


8- The BUYER will participate in consumer-oriented campaigns to be organized by the SELLER.


9- The BUYER, by agreement with the SELLER in writing, hangs a sign or banner related to a foreign brand that is included in the scope of the PRODUCT outside or inside the shop, except for the sign that he hangs, etc.s. he won’t hang it.


10- The BUYER agrees and undertakes that he will sell the PRODUCTS only for the consumer and under the conditions specified in this agreement, and not sell them wholesale or by similar means.


11- The BUYER agrees and undertakes to sell the PRODUCTS subject to the contract in the brand, packaging and presentation manner determined by the SELLER.






1- The rights and obligations arising from commercial relations and transactions between the SELLER and the BUYER are essential to be fulfilled on Dec day.


2- The BUYER will close the debts arising from the PRODUCT prices and other issues subject to sale with the payment methods accepted by the SELLER at the time of the delivery of the waybill and / or invoice belonging to them.


3- The proof of all the agreements between the parties depends on the fact that they were made with a signed receipt. dec.


4- The BUYER’s payments are primarily deducted from the difference in maturity and default interest owed to the SELLER. Payments made in cash or by check and bond do not indicate that the SELLER has given up the receivables due and due to the difference in maturity and default interest, and the SELLER has the right to request them from the BUYER.


5- It is essential that all sales costs incurred by the SELLER are paid by the BUYER in cash and in advance. However, a futures sale is possible if it is secured as determined and determined by the SELLER. In this case, the costs related to the guarantee belong to the BUYER.


6- The BUYER may issue checks and/or bonds issued in accordance with the TCC and paid by the tax payer to the SELLER in exchange for his debts and at the written acceptance of the SELLER, as well as for the calculation and payment of the maturity difference, as well as by turnover. The SELLER cannot be held responsible for the loss or destruction of checks and bills of exchange that have been approved by the BUYER, without protest, in the mail or in the bank or in any way.


7- In case of non-collection by the BUYER on the day of the exchange notes issued to the SELLER or loss for any reason, their amount and expenses incurred and default interest at a monthly rate of% … up to the date of payment are paid in cash and repeatedly upon the SELLER’s notification. The responsibility for the delay of this notification for any reason rests with the BUYER, who issues an exchange note instead of a cash payment.


8- If the checks and bills issued by the BUYER to the SELLER on the date of discovery or turnover are not paid on the day, their cost will be paid to the SELLER by the BUYER at the SELLER’s first notice, including differences in maturity from the due date. Otherwise, all the debts of the BUYER, including this debt, to the SELLER will become due.


9 – war, conflict, internal turmoil, occupation, sabotage, strikes, lockouts, workers and civil servants with the resistance, flood, earthquake, fire, raw or semi-finished material, finished goods, materials and supplies from the internal market, import or possible lack of supply, energy constraints, such as the elders of this agreement by the seller, the seller is not fulfilled for reasons not/may not be carried out, and not limited to the legally accepted the poet, in cases of force majeure, there is no liability to the buyer.




1- Each invoice issued by the SELLER to the BUYER is closed with checks and/or bills of the nature specified in this agreement within the period specified in the invoice, in cash and/ or subject to the acceptance of the SELLER. This period can not exceed the day. In case of exceeding the payment day specified in the invoice, a monthly maturity difference of%… is applied to the invoice prices that are closed by issuing bills and/or checks.


2- If the accounts are not closed by the BUYER within the period of time, all the debts and maturity differences of the BUYER to the SELLER, including those closed with promissory notes and/or checks, will be due without the need for any notification of the SELLER.


3- The BUYER pays the SELLER monthly% for delayed payments..he has agreed to pay the difference in maturity.


4- The fact that the checks and bonds issued by the BUYER to the SELLER have been returned to the BUYER does not indicate that their costs, expenses and differences in maturity have been paid to the SELLER or that the SELLER has given up on them, unless there is a receipt issued and signed by the SELLER that their costs have been paid.


5 – the buyer, the seller needs to do instead of advance payments of the bonds will be paid and will advance on the day that was irrevocable upon termination of this agreement for any reason, return after six months from the date of expiry of the contract, has been obtained goods to be returned unless accepted and committed.


6- The BUYER agrees and undertakes to take into the escrow account the advance notes paid at maturity and for which he has not received the goods in return, and not to ask for interest on them.


7- The BUYER accepts and undertakes to exchange and offset the advance notes he has issued to the previous protest notes and gratuitous check accounts.


8 – the buyer’s premium, if any debt securities is accrued for his advance, advance cancellation for any reason then to be consolidated instruments and/or is not paid on the day and/or in the event you eliminate the reason why the prime accrued premiums, the premiums on the basis of the date of deposit to the seller along with the current interest rates you agree to pay.

9- No premium will be accrued for products whose price has not been fully paid, and it will be refunded even if it is paid.




1- Changes in the rates of contractual and default interest are applied from the date of sending a return letter to the BUYER in writing by the SELLER. The BUYER, who does not accept these interest rates, must pay his debts in cash and in advance. If a new interest rate is not declared in writing, if it is not specified in the invoice, the monthly % specified in this agreement….the interest rate is applied.


2- In case of BUYER’s violation of the provisions of this agreement or failure to fulfill the obligations contained in this agreement, BUYER agrees that the shipment of goods may be stopped by SELLER, all or part of the premiums accrued to BUYER may be canceled unilaterally by SELLER and SELLER has the right to demand immediate performance of all rights and payment of receivables from BUYER. If this request of the SELLER is not complied with by the BUYER, all the rights and receivables of the SELLER to the BUYER become invalid without any notice.


3 – failed to pay owed to any of the recipients on the day and/or turnover of which in the days of cheques and bills drawn or debt against non-payment and/or the seller to the buyer of the policy to be drawn by Adam and Adam and from the claims in case of protest, the right of unilateral termination of this agreement, the seller, and balance to collect the debt, have the right to bring legal action against the recipient. However, the provisions of this agreement, despite termination for any reason, will apply until the SELLER’s receivables are paid.


4- If the BUYER fails to fulfill one of the obligations contained in this agreement or acts contrary to any of them, the SELLER has the right to terminate the contract with a written notice to the BUYER in accordance with the provisions of the TCC. In case of any termination, the BUYER must pay all debts to the SELLER in cash and def aten immediately.






1- All kinds of notifications, warnings and confirmations between the parties, as well as objections to them; are made by telegram, registered letter with return or notary public dec


2- The parties will send address changes to the other party ….he must report it in writing within a day. If this notification is not made, the notifications sent to the address available in the contract will have all the legal consequences of a legally valid notification.




1- The BUYER, if the persons authorized to represent him change, must immediately inform the SELLER of this situation and notify the new signature circular prepared. The BUYER will suffer the consequences of this behavior if he behaves otherwise.


2- This agreement binds all legal and contractual successors of the parties and rules in favor of and against the legal and contractual successors. The BUYER cannot transfer and assign the work and the rights that will arise under the contract to anyone else without the written permission of the SELLER.




1-This agreement may only be amended by october additional agreement signed by the competent authorities of the parties. Even continuous applications, if there are no written and signed changes, cannot be interpreted in the sense that the contract has been changed and no rights can be claimed based on such applications.


2- In case of disputes arising from or related to this agreement, the authorized and authorized courts specified in the Civil Procedure Code No. 6100 and the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 have been deemed authorized.


This agreement is october whole with all its annexes and ……… it was issued in two copies in its history and signed after reading by the parties.



SELLER NAME-SURNAME                              BUYER NAME-SURNAME

SIGNATURE                                                             SIGNATURE




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