An Attorney’s fee agreement has been concluded between the parties whose names and addresses are mentioned above dec the following conditions. The owner of the business (the CLIENT) and the lawyer who took the job are also named only as (THE LAWYER). A remuneration agreement has been concluded between the lawyer and the business owner whose identity information has been provided with the following conditions in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law on the specified issue and the said fee and the Attorney’s Office. dec.

ARTICLE-1: The power of attorney fee to be paid to the lawyer for the work given to him and the entire cost advance to be reported by the lawyer will be paid in cash at the beginning of the work. In exchange for the work subject to the contract, in addition, % of the cost of the case will be paid to the lawyer in cash at the end of the case.


ARTICLE-2 : This fee is only for the above-mentioned work. Although it is related to this business, any other business that will arise from it will not be covered by this agreement. If a lawsuit is filed in response and there are other disputes and prosecutions related to this work, the lawyer will also have to be paid a power of attorney fee. For hearings to be held in the Supreme Court, the Council of State and other dispute-resolving bodies …. The Attorney’s Fee will be paid separately on the Minimum Wage Schedule Between the Lawyer and Dec Attorney of the Bar Association.


ARTICLE-3 : The lawyer will prosecute the work assigned to him by the client until the end in accordance with the laws and professional rules. He will be able to perform this task himself, as well as follow the work subject to the contract by cooperating with other lawyers under his supervision. However, in this case, the client will not be charged october additional fee. He shall be jointly and severally liable to his client, both personally and together with the other lawyer, for the defects of the lawyers he has entrusted and for the damages they have caused.


The client cannot give someone else a power of attorney for this work without obtaining the written consent of the lawyer, and if the contrary is acted upon, the lawyer will be paid the entire fee. In the absence of the lawyer’s consent, the client is also obliged to pay the full amount of the lawyer’s fee who has not consented.


ARTICLE-4 : All expenses of the work will be covered by the client, if the amount received as an advance does not cover the expenses, the lawyer may hold the job until the costs are given, and he cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur due to this situation. The client should contact the lawyer for expenses for the time being ……………. TL. will pay an advance.

If it is necessary to travel for this job, the client will pay travel, accommodation and other expenses related to this job to the lawyer, as well as for each day that he stays away from the office ……………… TL will pay.


ARTICLE-5 : If the client gives up his job or does not give the lawyer the opportunity to prosecute the job or does not fulfill one of the obligations imposed by the contract, the lawyer will have the right to ask for his agreed fee as a percentage at the end of the case.


ARTICLE-6 :The client has accepted housing at the address shown above. Any notification that the lawyer will make to him will be sent to this address. It is mandatory to inform the lawyer about the address changes, and the lawyer cannot be held responsible for notifications that do not reach the client due to the address change.


ARTICLE-7: If the contract is terminated unilaterally by the client, the lawyer has the right to request the full amount of the fee agreed as a percentage at the end of the case.


Article 8- The provisions of the Law on Advocacy are applied in cases that are not included in this agreement and there is no clarity.


This agreement …/…./…. will begin with the power of attorney issued on its date. It is issued in two copies. It was prepared, read and signed by the parties at will. …/…./….



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