The Class:



Brand :



Model :



Engine No. :


Chassis No. :


Plate No. :




The above qualification is written in the car under the following conditions……. ……… has been sold to.


1- ……….. ……….. he experienced the car with its current condition and took it with pleasure.


2 – the sale price of the car …… -Designated as TL, …… -TL paid for in cash, the balance to each …… -TL to tutarinc …… bono pieces were taken.


3-If any of the bonds received are not paid, the subsequent bonds will be exempt and the seller will confiscate the car.


4-The contract has been concluded../../……. from the date of use of the car, the buyer will be responsible for all material and moral damages and losses that will occur as the responsibility of the user during the use of the car.


5-The transfer and cleaning of the car is no later than ../../……. will be done by the date. The Seller will fulfill all his responsibilities during the transfer process. Otherwise, the seller-buyer agrees and undertakes to pay all damages that will be incurred.


6-All taxes and pictures of the car up to …… date will be issued to the seller after this day belong to the buyer.


7-In case of a dispute ……. The Court and Enforcement Agencies have been authorized by the parties.


8-This sales agreement has been prepared and signed in the presence of a witness with a signature below.


9-This agreement consists of nine articles. ../../….





The Seller Witnesses The Buyer

Name Surname Name Surname Name Surname

signature signature signature


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