It should be noted here that in which cases the accidents suffered by the insured persons covered by 4/1-a(SSK) and 4/1 b (Bag-Kur) will be considered as occupational accidents are separately considered
. the insured persons covered by 4/1- a(SSK);
a) At the time when the insured person is at work,
b) Due to the work being carried out by the employer,
c) Due to the fact that the insured employee, depending on the employer, is sent to another place other than the workplace as an employee, he has spent time without doing his main job,
d) At the times allotted to the nursing woman insured under subparagraph (a) of the first paragraph of Article 4 of this Law to give milk to her child in accordance with the labor legislation,
e) During the arrival and departure of the insured to the place of work by an employer-provided vehicle, which occurred and immediately or subsequently disabled the insured person physically or mentally
the following events were counted as work accidents.
4/1-b(Bond-Kur) from the point of view of the insured; If the insured works independently on his own behalf and on his account, the work he is doing
due the insured promoted in the workplace.,
The events that occurred and made the insured person physically or mentally disabled immediately or afterwards were counted as an occupational accident. As can be seen, the insured persons of 4/1-b(Bağ-Kur)
in terms of occupational accident insurance coverage has been kept narrower.

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