In Article 25 of the “Law on Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining” No. 6356, which contains a regulation on trade union compensation;
“(1) Hiring of workers; entering or not entering a certain trade union, maintaining membership in a certain trade union or withdrawing from membership, or being a member of any trade union
they cannot be held conditional on whether they are or not. (2) an employer, the workers who are members of a union non-union workers who are members of or separate unions among workers cannot make any distinction in terms of the cessation of work or the conditions of the run. The provisions of the collective bargaining agreement on remuneration, bonuses, premiums and social assistance related to money are reserved. (3) Employees may not be dismissed or subjected to different processing due to the fact that they are members of a trade union or not, participate in the activities of labor organizations or engage in trade union activities outside of working hours or with the permission of the employer during working hours. it has been said that “. In case of violation of the relevant regulations, trade union compensation will be in question.

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