It is the type of alimony that the spouse who will fall into poverty due to divorce can request from the other spouse in order to ensure his livelihood and the continuity of his life that he continues. The spouse who claims alimony for poverty should not have a defect in divorce heavier than the other spouse. Again, in the event of an equal defect, if other conditions have been established, alimony for poverty can be requested. Alimony for poverty is paid to the ex-spouse who has fallen into poverty at once or every month after the finalization of the divorce decision. This alimony can also be requested by a separate lawsuit after the divorce.

But if the divorce took place in the form of an agreed divorce, and poverty alimony was not requested in the protocol, then poverty alimony cannot be requested in a separate case after that. The general opinion among people is that working people cannot dec alimony. This is true in a way; but there are some cases where alimony can also be ruled for people who will be in serious trouble even though they work after a divorce while their standards are high during marriage. There are decisions of the Supreme Court regarding this. It is mentioned that alimony can be granted “indefinitely” in the Law, but in any case it is not indefinite.

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