This is a temporary measure, it is alimony that can be requested during the divorce proceedings or before the divorce proceedings, especially for the purpose of housing, livelihood of the spouses and the maintenance and expenses of their children. Alimony for the measure can be given both to the spouse and in favor of the children.Although there is no demand for persons, unlike poverty alimony, the judge may decide on injunction alimony when he deems it necessary. Alimony for the measure can also be requested by an independent lawsuit (separation lawsuit) without filing for divorce.

In this case, it is necessary for a person to prove that his life apart from his partner is based on justified reasons. Both in the divorce case and in the separation case, the alimony measure begins to be processed from the date of the lawsuit. Alimony for the measure is intended to provide temporary protection. A separation decision may be made upon the finalization of the divorce decision or within the separation period (up to 3 years).) it ends spontaneously with its ending. Finally, when deciding on alimony for the measure, the defect rates of the parties are not taken into account, unlike poverty alimony.

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