Cases related to the matrimonial property, which are currently being examined on appeal in the Supreme Court, heard in family courts; “case on transition to the extraordinary goods regime” (Turkish Civil Code art. 206 et seq.), “the case for the acquisition of a share of an increase in value”
(Turkish Civil Code art. 227), “the case that he will no longer participate in value” (Turkish Civil Code art. 231-236),
and it is a “case of receiving contributions”. Of these cases, “dec case of transition to the extraordinary property regime is not a receivable case, but the existing one between the spouses
to change the goods regime, to change the current goods regime by the decision of the judge “goods
it is a lawsuit aimed at turning separation into a ”regime. Three other cases
if it is; these are cases aimed at collecting a receivable based on a personal right.
The information about these cases that will be useful in practice is briefly summarized.

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