The owner of the house because the rent with the tenant within a certain time period, you will receive the owner of the property, although there are various solutions between the parties legal rights of the landlord operates without one of them when appropriate various verbs can not pay the rent because your renter and the renter’s home is change the locks to prevent the entry of sat immovable. Such an act constitutes a crime of rape where a person has no right. Because the tenant has the right to use the leased real estate. You can review the sample Supreme Court Decision.

8. Criminal Department

2014/6511 Base

2014/20124 Decision

“text of jurisprudence”

Communiqué No. 8 – 2013/217169
COURT : Istanbul 45. Criminal Court of First Instance
DATE : 12/06/2012
NUMBER : 2011/1075 (E)and 2012/746 (K)
CRIME : Trespass without a right

It was discussed and thought out as necessary:

The tenant of the defendants involved in their lives as immovable doors and locks, unable to afford the rent the tenant by changing the complainant the benefit of the bet – Tong they understood not interfere; that the defendants claimed the right to non-confirmed with the crime of rape in the place without any it finds, instead of a written justification to be decided with conviction, acquittal,

For this reason, the provisions of Law No. 5320 8/1 are contrary to the law, since the appeals of the acting representative of the participant have been considered on the spot as of this date. CMUK No. 1412, which should be applied in accordance with Article 1412.nun 321. in accordance with the article (NON-violation), the unanimous decision was made on 17.09.2014 day.

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