Application Authority and Procedure
Applications are submitted to the governorate where the settlement is located personally or by special power of attorney for the exercise of this right. Applications made by mail are not accepted.
Applications for citizenship of persons who are not adults or lack the ability to distinguish are made by their parents or guardians.
Applications and transactions are based on a foreign identification number.
As the application date, the date on which the person’s form petition is registered by the application authority is taken as the basis.
A foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship can be located outside Turkey for a total of not more than six months during the required period of residence. The total period not exceeding six months spent outside Turkey is assessed within the prescribed residence period.
If a foreigner spends a total of more than six months outside of Turkey during the residence period or is in Turkey for more than six months without a valid residence permit or without a residence permit, this cuts the residence period and does not take into account residence periods before this date.
Legal residence without a permit, or did not show an intent to settle in Turkey, although it is legal; applicants for asylum or refuge, asylum seekers, education, tourism, residence, or for the child who study immediate treatment taken for purposes such as consuls or diplomatic privilege, immunity of foreign mission personnel that provides their ID card to be resident in Turkey with the acquisition of Turkish citizenship is not accepted as a current resident.
In the acquisition of Turkish citizenship, the reasons for residence that are not accepted and the previous residence periods are also taken into account if the person who is in Turkey is subsequently connected to the residence for a reason that is considered valid. This provision does not apply to those who reside in Turkey with a residence permit for tourist purposes.
The approval procedures of official documents issued by foreign authorities are carried out in accordance with Article 167 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Population Services.
Foreigners who want to obtain Turkish citizenship should have documents such as diplomas, passports obtained from foreign authorities submitted during the application, translated into Turkish and notarized.
If deemed necessary, the approval of the authenticity of the residence permits can also be made by the provincial directorates.

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