Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship According to the General Rules:
Article of the Relevant Law
foreigners who want to acquire Turkish citizenship in accordance with Article 11 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901;

To have the ability to distinguish between an adult and a stateless person in accordance with their own national law and the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721.
To have lived in Turkey for five years without interruption from the date of application.
Decided to settle in Turkey; acquire immovable property in Turkey, starting a business, investing, trading and Business Centre transfer the turkey, work permit or similar behavior in a workplace that is subject to marry a Turkish citizen to be confirmed with work and family to apply previously acquired Turkish citizenship who are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters or children or to have complete education in Turkey.
Not having a disease that poses a danger to overall health.
To show that he has good morals by behaving with a sense of responsibility required by living together in society, to give confidence to his environment with his behavior, not to have a bad habit that is not welcome in society and contrary to the values of society.
To be able to speak Turkish at a level that can adapt to social life.
To have an income or profession that will ensure the livelihood of himself and his dependents in Turkey.
Not being in a position to be an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

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