Request for termination of the association with a deficiency in its establishment


(The Measure is Willing)


attorney :


SUBJECT OF THE LAWSUIT: It is a request for the termination of the association that has a deficiency in its establishment.

EVENTS : 1- The association whose name and address are written above, ………… Which he gave to his governorship…………. it has acquired a legal entity with the dated establishment notification.

2- But M.Y. mad. ….. although there were some deficiencies in the association’s charter during the examination conducted by the property supervisor within its framework and they were notified to the interested parties that they should be completed within 30 days, these deficiencies were not completed within the time limit.

3- ……… C by the Governor’s Office. With the letter sent to our Attorney General’s Office, the need to file a lawsuit for the termination of the association has been notified.

For these reasons, it has been mandatory to open this lawsuit for the termination of the said association and to request that the activities of the association be stopped as a precautionary measure until the end of the lawsuit.


EVIDENCES : The relevant association charter, notification articles, ………….. Written request of the governor’s office expert examination, etc. all the legal evidence.

CONCLUSION AND REQUEST : According to the reason presented above and the evidence shown, with the acceptance of the case …………….. We supply and request by proxy the decision to terminate the Association and to stop its activities as a precautionary measure. ../../..

Plaintiff’s Attorney




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