In inheritance law, we can state about the ration case based on the articles of the Law; “After the death of the person who left the inheritance, the heirs will have all kinds of property and all kinds of rights available in the estate”. In this section, we have answered the question of what is a fortification case. Now let’s continue by giving a few details about the topic.

Considering the issues of litigation contained in Inheritance Law, we can say that “Claims of third parties for property and rights transferred to them or claims and claims of heirs against a third party are quite common.” However, the heirs may ask for the confiscated property and rights back from the third parties mentioned here. With this developing demand, a ration case may be filed for movable property, and a case for correcting the land registry for immovable property may be filed. There is also a time-out period in this case. This period, which is 1 year from the time the plaintiff learns about his right to inheritance, is 10 years from the time the inheritance is announced, even if he has not learned about them.

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