SUBJECT : Divorce due to adultery .


CLARIFICATIONS :1-My client is the defendant’s spouse of 22 years. They have 6 children from joint marriages. Marriage registration…….Province ……. County ……. Quarter ……. No Skin …….Page No. and …… The log is Next.

2-The defendant is a sunday shopkeeper, from time to time he is out of the city and sells vegetables and fruits at markets and fairs. My client has also been sewing at home for many years and has been contributing to the defendant’s wife and the expenses of the house.


3-Our client has been feeling for a long time that his wife is cheating on him. The defendant, who had only been coming to his house on weekends for a while, told our client that work was busy and therefore he had to sleep in the truck from time to time. After more than 6 months of this situation, our client became suspicious and followed his wife. Wife, ………. district …………….. our client, who saw that he regularly went to another house located at his address, found out that his wife lived a husband-and-wife life with another woman during his research.


4-His wife acted very audaciously in this regard and put her own name on the bell at the door and went home again on her own behalf …………. the subscriber must have pulled the number number. To make matters worse, our client has also learned that his wife has a male child with this woman. When our client asked his wife about the situation, the defendant did not deny it and accepted it.


5-The defendant is currently not staying with our client and his children. He uses the house at the above address with the other woman he lives with. The defendant cheated on his wife is fixed both by his own statements, and by witnesses, and by his illegitimate child.


6-We ask that our client’s divorce from the defendant be decided. In addition, it is about to be converted into poverty support for our client later……. For each of his children with alimony of TL ……. We would like to request that the alimony of TL be decided.


LEGAL REASONS : MK.m129 and other legal legislation.


EVIDENCE : Population records, witnesses, DNA tests and all kinds of medical reports, other evidence.


RESPONSE TIME : It is 10 days.


AS A RESULT OF THE REQUEST: For the reasons described, the parties are divorced for adultery, Joint custody of children is granted to the plaintiff, monthly for the plaintiff ……… and monthly for each child ……….. TL We request that the alimony be taken from the defendant, the trial expenses be charged to the defendant, and the opposing party’s attorney fee be decided on our behalf as a Lawyer in accordance with paragraph 164 / last amended by Law No. 4667 of the Law No. 1136 on Advocacy.



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