A) Blood Type: According to MK 129 b1, marriage is prohibited ”between the parent and child; between brothers; dec uncle, dec uncle, aunt and aunt and nephew”.

In accordance with this article, the ban on marrying yansoy is 3. the degree is limited to relatives. In other words, an uncle cannot marry his nephew, while an uncle’s child and nephew can marry. Because the decency between the two is 4. it’s a rank insult. Dolay is prohibited because it has some moral and medical reasons. Because it is taken into account that if a hereditary disease is transmitted from generation to generation in children who may be born as a result of a close marriage with him, it will endanger the health of generations.

The decriminalization of intermarriage also applies to both half- and full-blooded siblings.

B) Beeching Device: MK 129 b.according to 2, ” Even if the marriage that has formed the beeching decency has ended, one of the spouses cannot marry between the upper and lower line of the other “. And there is no obstacle to marrying other people of his wife.

c) Adoption Relationship: According to MK 129 b3, “adoption with the adoptive parent or between one of them and the other’s child and spouse” is prohibited from marriage.


2-PREVIOUS MARRIAGE: It is examined in MK 130. Accordingly, ” Anyone who wants to remarry must prove that his previous marriage has ended. The burden of proof of this belongs to the person who wants to marry the latter.


3-MENTAL ILLNESS: This is also regulated in MK 133, and an official medical report is required that there are no medical drawbacks to the marriage of the mentally ill.


1- Standby Time: Arranged in MK 132. Women cannot marry after a divorce unless the maximum gestation period has passed the accepted 300 days. This situation does not require waiting for the result of marrying the ex-husband or proof that she is not pregnant with a medical report.

2- Some Infectious Diseases: These diseases are regulated in accordance with Article 123 of the Public Health Code. There are some obstacles for those who are addicted to diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, soft chancre and leprosy.

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