Harassment By Phone Complaint Petition







Crime: a crime of disturbing the peace and tranquility.




1-My client is a well-known and loved tradesman in his own city. It trades in clothing and clothing. He’s successful and happy.


2-My client … has been receiving messages from unidentified people he has never known for a long time, and has been disturbed by work and home phones. People who call my client, who is currently alone in the house where he lives, change their voice, speak, do not understand what they are saying, or just breathe quietly. My client also feels deep fear and concern in this case.


3-because he lives alone, he thinks that other people who make immoral offers against my client and those who call and annoy him on this phone are the same people.


4-My client, who does not have peace at home, at work, or on the street, therefore we demand that his phones be tapped and that those who annoy him be identified and prosecuted for punishment.


Legal reasons: Turkish Penal Code and Related Articles of law


Evidence: phone records, witnesses and any legal evidence


As a result of the request: we respectfully supply and demand that my client decide to listen to the phones for the reasons described, and that people who annoy him file a lawsuit to be punished as necessary.

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