Action In Denial of Debt







Subject of the lawsuit: it is a case of denial of debt




1-against my client, the defendant made an undeclared execution follow-up with the file number of the Executive Directorate. As a basis for the pursuit ../…/.. there are dated promissory notes.


2-My client, on the other hand, said that the signature on the promissory note on the basis of follow-up did not belong to him, and therefore appealed.


3-the request for the cancellation of the appeal made by the defendant … was accepted by the executive Court and it was decided to temporarily remove the appeal against the pursuit and continue the pursuit.


4-My client appears to be in debt due to this unfair transaction, but is not in debt. The signature on the promissory note in question does not belong to my client. We respectfully request and request that your court decide that the signature on this promissory note does not belong to him.


Legal reasons: enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and related legislation


Evidence: expert reviews, execution file and all kinds of legal evidence.


As a result of the request: we respectfully request and request that the signature on the promissory note, which we have mentioned above, be decided that it does not belong to my client, that the enforcement proceedings in question be stopped by issuing an injunction until the case is concluded, and that the costs of the trial and the fees of the Attorney be charged to the opposite party. ../../ …

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