We have already described in our previous articles what a judicial fine is, in which cases a judicial fine will be imposed. In this article, we will tell you about how a person sentenced to a judicial fine will fulfill this sentence.

Firstly, the importance of paying a judicial fine is that it can be a type of APC that is likely to be converted into a prison sentence if it does not pay. For this reason, by receiving them without avoiding the notifications that come to you, consulting a lawyer about the subject of the incoming notification will ensure that you protect your rights in the best way. Now let’s create our topic;

If a judicial fine has been imposed on you, it must first be finalized in order for it to be executed. There are different ways to finalize a decision (you can also look at our previous articles on this topic). After the decision made about you has been finalized, the court that issued the decision will write an article to the Execution Prosecutor’s Office located in the courthouse where the decision was made to execute this decision and request that the sentence be executed. The Execution Prosecutor’s Office receiving this article will notify you by issuing a “Judicial Fine Payment Order” in accordance with the decision made about you. From the date of this notification, you must pay the judicial fine in question.

After the ”Judicial Fine Payment Order” has been notified to you, you should contact the relevant Execution Prosecutor’s Office and go to the tax office after receiving a document addressed to the tax office from here and pay the fine by showing this document. But it’s not over yet. After that, you must go to the Execution Prosecutor’s Office and hand over the receipt or receipt of other payment that you have paid the fine. Thus, if you are executed, it will be closed as executed.

In order for your transactions to be carried out in a healthy and complete way, it will be best for you to use the legal assistance of a Lawyer.

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