The law to be applied in contractual debt relations

Contractual debt relations are subject to the law that the parties have expressly chosen. The choice of law also applies, which can be understood without hesitation from the provisions of the contract or the terms of the situation.

The parties may decide that the chosen law will apply to all or part of the contract.

The choice of law can be made or changed by the parties at any time. The choice of law after the establishment of the Contract is effective retroactively, provided that the rights of third parties are reserved.

If the parties have not made a choice of law, the law that is most strictly related to this contract applies to the relationship arising out of the contract. This law, characteristic of the claims, the debtor during the founding of the convention mutadmesken law, commercial contracts, the debtor’s claims established by characteristic or professional activities in the workplace, unless there is the law of the settlement, the debtor claims that if you have multiple sites of the characteristic in question is considered to be most closely in relation with the contract law of the workplace. However, if there is a law that is more strictly related to the contract according to all the conditions of the situation, the contract will be subject to this law.

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