The Concept of Real Rights:
Theories that can be collected in three groups in terms of determining the concept of real rights
is available. According to those in the first group -which is the classical view- “The real right; something
it is the right that directly dominates over it”
5. According to this opinion, the real right is considered to be a direct relationship between the property and its owner dec Critics of this opinion decry the fact that there can be no mention of a legal relationship between a person and an item, that the item is a legal subject
stating that it cannot be evaluated, they suggested that a legal relationship can only be established between individuals and the real right; “dec can be asserted against everyone on something
they defined it as a ”right (that puts everyone in debt)” (personal opinion)
6. This opinion has also been criticized on the grounds that it is impossible to mention the debt of all foreign persons of the same nationality or against the right of ownership of a person. Adherents of this opinion have argued that the debt here belongs only to those who have come into contact with the Real right holder, and its scope consists in not violating the property. The moneylender theories that combine these two views have defined the real right as “the right that gives someone direct control over something and can therefore be asserted against everyone

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