Upon the decision of the judge or in delay, the objectionable
in cases where the Public prosecutor; If the Public Prosecutor cannot be reached, law enforcement officers can make a call by written order of the dec enforcement officer. However, in cases where the judge’s decision is inconvenient to delay in housing, workplace and non-public places, a search can be made by dec written order of the Public Prosecutor. The law enforcement officer
the dec results made by written order are immediately notified to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.(fig.)
(2) The search is decided or at your disposal;
a) The verb that constitutes the reason for the call,
b) The person to be searched, the address of the residence or other place where the search will be conducted, or the item,
c) The period of time during which the decision or order will be valid,
It is clearly shown.
(3) The explicit identities of the decisors are written in the call record. As a dec of the search, some
in the case of confiscation of goods, the provision of the first paragraph of Article 127 applies.
(4) Search for housing, workplace or other decommissioned places without the public prosecutor’s readiness
in order to do this, two people from the old man’s delegation or neighbors are kept in this place.
(5) The search to be carried out at military sites shall be carried out at the request of the judge or Public prosecutor and dec
it is carried out by military authorities with his participation.

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