“Galleye Mustehak Vakif Evladi” in turkish although it is a topic that has detailed lines
In the “foundation founder’s son who is entitled to income”suit , he is the person who will be the party to the case. The term ”galle“ is a phrase used in fiqh jurisprudence for the entire income of the foundation, but in legal dictionaries it corresponds to ”income, “.

The income of the foundation includes all movable and immovable property belonging to the foundation, the income of commercial enterprises, their interest, etc. constitutes. Here is the one who has the right and interest to benefit from all these incomes to a certain extent in the ”foundation founder’s son who is entitled to income”. The degree to which and how these people will benefit from these revenues can be determined by the rules set out in the Foundation.

After the explanations above, it should be noted that there is no rule that every foundation child will benefit from these revenues, but there are some conditions for this. The first of these is the opening of the case “foundation founder’s son who is entitled to income”, the basis of which is based on the right of usufruct. There are two conditions in this case;

Determination of foundation founder’s son
To meet the criteria found in Endowment.

The criteria and conditions found in the Foundation vary for each foundation, but in general terms;

Certain people and their ancestry may have been shown. The lineage of such a specific person will also be able to benefit from the income.
Only the name can be specified. In this case, only the named person can benefit from the treatment.
Some special conditions may be imposed. For example, being from the village of Mahmutseydi in Alanya, being a veterinarian, or conducting or participating in certain charity activities, etc.
If a contradiction arises between these special and general conditions, the condition imposed after it is considered the original will of the Decedent and thus invalidates the previous one.
rules and conditions can be found as follows.

Another requirement required for a person who is a child of the foundation to be eligible for income, even if he meets all the requirements, is that the foundation meets the income requirement. In other words, after deducting all the basic expenses of the intentional foundation, the from income can be used for the remaining part.

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