Firstly, marriage with a Turkish citizen does not automatically give foreigners the right to become a Turkish citizen. 16 of the Citizenship Law No. 5901 on the conditions of becoming a Turkish citizen by marriage.it is regulated in the article. In accordance with the relevant text of the law, in order for a foreign national to become a citizen through a spouse, he must have the following conditions:

The foreigner who will apply for citizenship has been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years and the marriage has been going on;
Participation of spouses in family union;
The foreigner does not engage in activities contrary to the marriage union;
The foreigner does not have a state that threatens public security.
Foreigners can apply for citizenship in the governorates where the settlements are located if they meet the above requirements. But if the spouse of a Turkish citizen dies after the application date, the spouses are not required to live in a family union.

The last paragraph of the text of the law relates to what will be the status of a foreigner who has acquired Turkish citizenship as a result of the fact that the marriage ended in a lie. If the foreigner is good at marrying, his citizenship will not be revoked.

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