Application for Cash Wage Support for Workers Who Are on Unpaid Leave
In order to benefit from the cash wage support of employees who are on unpaid leave that meets the above conditions and cannot benefit from the short work allowance; employers,
the notifications of the Social Security Institution regarding the workers who are on unpaid leave “https://uyg.sgk.gov.tr/IsverenSistemi login to Covid-19 Free Leave Screen at ”
it is necessary to do this by providing. Applications for workers on unpaid leave must be submitted by the 3rd of the month following the month of unpaid leave, separately for each month of unpaid leave. As it can be seen, employees do not need to submit an application separately, applications
it is carried out by the employer. On the application screen, the number of days the employee is on unpaid leave in the relevant month, the employee’s TC ID
It is necessary to enter the number, the IBAN number of the employee, the mobile phone information of the employer and the insured person.
For workers notified from the application screen in this way, the reason for the missing days in the Monthly Premium and Service Documents / Concise and Premium Service Declarations for the relevant month, “28-
Pandemic must be selected as a ”Free Leave”.
But if there is another missing day code in the same month with the missing day code of pandemic unpaid leave, the missing day code will be called “29 Pandemic Unpaid Leave and Other”
it must be reported.
Also, it should be noted that, despite the fact that he was placed on unpaid leave after April 17, 2020, the Monthly Premium and Service Documents / Concise and Premium Service Declarations
Instead of the reason for the missing day of “28-Pandemic Unpaid Leave”, those who mistakenly made a notification from another code should contact the relevant provincial Social Security Institution to replace the missing day code
they should be applied to the directorate /social security center.
In addition, it should be noted that the information october the application can be updated. For this “https://uyg.sgk.gov.tr/IsverenSistemi ” applications and updates made through the application must be made by the end of the second month following the month in which the free permit is applied
is required. However, in this way, applications made before the end of the following month after the completion of the period in which the application is in force and which are eligible can be made for the previous month at the most.
within the scope of October-9 of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, employers who work with the insured for more than 10 days in home services; they will allocate free leave
notifying its employees to the Provincial Directorates of Social Security or Central Directorates with the incomplete day code “28-Pandemic Unpaid Leave” by the end of the month in which unpaid leave is granted
is required.

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