On the other hand, the alimony that the party that will fall into poverty due to divorce wants in order to make a living indefinitely at the rate of its financial strength is alimony. The fact that the alimony obligation is defective is not sought. But the defect should also not be heavier than the other side.

Alimony is an alimony that is imposed against the spouse and at the rate of his power of custody of the child that is not left to him to cover the education, maintenance and other expenses of joint children.

Alimony is alimony paid by the other party to the party in need for shelter and livelihood while the divorce proceedings are ongoing. When deciding on this, considerations such as who filed the case, which side is defective are not taken into account. It begins on the date of filing for divorce, ends on the date of finalization of the divorce.

Alimony is the alimony that a person who will fall into poverty if he is not helped demands from other family members. In accordance with the order of inheritance, that is, first the lower line, and then the upper line, the brothers can be asked last. The condition that alimony can be requested from siblings is that siblings live in prosperity.

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