A lawyer may keep the goods, money and any other assets issued by or received on behalf of his client in accordance with his receivables until the payment of the attorney’s fee and expenses.

The lawyer has the right of priority over the goods that the client keeps or earns as a result of his work, and the money that will be collected from the other side in accordance with the ruling in the case, or the goods that will be received in comparison with other creditors, due to the fee agreed by the contract and appreciated by the judge. The priority right is sorted according to the date of issuance of the power of attorney, and if the power of attorney is public, it is sorted according to the date of the first official announcement made on behalf of the business owner about the work subject to remuneration. In case of bankruptcy of the business owner, it is also a priority that the lawyer will receive a power of attorney fee. However, the provision of the first paragraph of Article 206 of the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code dated 09/06/1932 and numbered 2004 is reserved.

A ref’s execution is attempted through foreclosure when the Executive Office requesting the following ref name which is written by the lawyer, and at the same time the executive order duzenliyece notification, expense tracking by obtaining request, it shall promptly notify. The next stages of the execution cannot be started unless this statement is notified. 59 of the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code of 2004 on the expenses of notification to the lawyer. the provisions of the article shall apply.

In the event of the death of a lawyer, it is also a priority that they will receive a lawyer’s fee that is transferred to their heirs, as well as they will receive a lawyer. So far, the requirement of written notification in the third paragraph does not apply to these people.

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