“It is suggested that this theory expands the concept of reason to such an extent that it contradicts the law and the sense of justice. The limit at which chained logic in the form of a condition condition will stop is unknown. Perhaps it will be possible to argue according to this theory that whoever invented the pistol caused the crime in every crime of manslaughter. If a person who has just got up from an illness dies in a car accident due to the mutual fault of himself and the driver, the doctor who allows him to go out on the street will have to be held accountable for his relatives who have not added anyone to him. According to this theory, there may be a number of reasons that cannot be limited to a single result. This course is no different from the understanding of “the result determines the intention”. If an injured person is taken to the hospital and dies in a fire in the hospital, it cannot be justified that the person who injured this person is held responsible for the death.

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