During the period when cash wage support is used, cash wage support will be discontinued if work is started at the same or another workplace and /or if an old age pension is started to be received from any social security organization. If it is determined that the employee who benefits from cash wage support by taking unpaid leave is actually employed, the employer should be provided with a separate one for each employee employed in this way and for each month in which he is employed
an administrative fine will be imposed by the provincial directorates of the labor and employment agency in the amount of the monthly gross minimum wage established by Article 39 of the Labor Code No. 4857 at the time of the act.
In addition to administrative fine, cash wage support paid from employers who cause excessive and inappropriate payment will be charged together with the legal interest that will be processed from the date of payment. Article 5 of the circular, Paragraph (B) of this clause the employer is held within the scope of the following month to fix and update notifications that would make more cash charge due to undue payments to be made for support payments are arranged to be offset from.
April July 17, 2020 – July 17, 2020) Excess and unwarranted payments arising from the employer in respect of a person who cannot receive sufficient or no cash wage support for the period after which termination cannot be made within the scope of temporary Article 10 of the Labor Code No. 4857 will be collected by the EMPLOYER in accordance with the general provisions.

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