People residing abroad can temporarily bring a land vehicle with foreign plates registered in their names in their place of residence to Turkey. Persons residing in the European Union and European Free Trade Association countries may also bring their vehicles registered in their name in the European Union and European Free Trade Association countries other than their place of residence. People who will bring vehicles must first provide the condition of being resident abroad.

Being a resident abroad; in the usual case, it means that a person residing abroad has actually been abroad for at least 185 days in the last 1 year, back from the date he wants to enter Turkey. It is essential that people who will bring vehicles have a residence abroad. Although people who work on ships, work temporarily on a construction site or stay in a hotel have actually spent 185 days of the last 1 year abroad, they are not considered residents abroad because they do not establish a residence abroad.

The 185-day period of residence abroad is calculated through the program in accordance with the passport entry and exit records obtained from the General Directorate of security Juliette. Passport or identification information is entered into the program, the program calculates the duration of stay in Turkey and abroad by going back 1 year -365 days from the desired date of entry to Turkey. In the last 1 year, people entering and leaving Turkey with different passports or identities must provide information to the customs administration to ensure that the 185-day period account is not made wrong. As a result of the calculation, people who have spent more than 185 days abroad in total of the last year with interruption or interruption and normally reside abroad provide the condition to be resident abroad.

For the first time in Turkey after the retirement date of those who have retired from abroad
for vehicles registered in their names that they will bring, there is no requirement for a period of 185 days in the conditions of being resident abroad.
Remaining retirees who move abroad without using the entire 730-day period
if they want to re-enter Turkey to benefit from the period, these people
the 185-day period of residence abroad is not required and the time remaining for their vehicles
they are allowed to enter.

Our resident citizens abroad and foreign nationals who have a residence permit in Turkey have the opportunity to keep and use their vehicles with foreign plates in Turkey for up to 2 years (730 days) without paying any fee. The period to be given to vehicles of foreign nationals who have a residence permit in Turkey may be up to the time specified in the residence permit, not exceeding 730 days. Foreign citizens who do not have a residence permit in Turkey are given a total period of 90 days in 180 days.

If vehicles belonging to legal entities (cars, vans, land vehicles, vans and motorcycles) are brought to Turkey by power of attorney, a period of up to 30 days is given.

The period to be given to vehicles brought by rental, depending on the citizenship and Session of the person, may not be longer than the period specified in the rental agreement, provided that it does not exceed the period of 730 days. The time given to the vehicle can be used at once, as well as piecemeal.

In accordance with customs legislation to benefit from the full 730-day period;

1-ensuring the condition of being resident abroad as of the date of entry to Turkey (except for pensioners abroad who will bring vehicles for the first time) ,

2 – 185 days without interruption from the date of entry to Turkey, the vehicle was not brought,

3 – vehicle to stay abroad for 185 days without interruption back from the date of entry to Turkey (not brought by proxy),

4-residence permit of foreign nationals,

is required.

Documents Required For Entry To Turkey :

1-Certificate of ownership (license)indicating that the vehicle is registered in the country of residence,

2 – driver’s license of the person who brought the vehicle,

3 – document indicating foreign residence according to the situation (passport, identity document, residence permit)

4 – valid traffic insurance policy in Turkey,

5 – a person’s passport or identity document replacing a passport,

6 – a pension document with Turkish translation approved by the consulate or embassy for retirees from abroad,

7 – a valid power of attorney or lease agreement, depending on the situation,

8-a document translated into Turkish approved by a notary or consulate indicates that the people who will bring vehicles belonging to a legal entity are partners or employees of the company.

Customs registration procedures of vehicles are not subject to any fees.

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