The Case that You Will No Longer Participate in the Value
The articles of the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721 regulating the regime of participation in acquired property(art.
218-241), especially 231-236. articles and decisions of the Supreme Court constitute it. The regime of participation in goods acquired by the contract of the goods regime
in accordance with the law, because they have chosen or have not concluded a contract on the goods regime
(Turkish Civil Code article 202) this is a case where spouses or their legal heirs who are considered to have chosen this regime will receive money based on a personal right that they can claim from each other when the property regime ends.
The most important feature that distinguishes this case from the case where it will receive a “contribution share” and the case where it will receive a “value increase share “;
the burden of proving that you have contributed to a property or property belonging to
it is not found under the. The legislator has spouses in this property regime
some of the goods they have (Turkish Civil Code m. 219) the bank has granted the right to assert that it will receive money based on a mutual personal right. For this, the concrete
a contribution does not need to be proved. When the property regime ends, the “residual value” belonging to the defendant from each of the spouses or their heirs from the other spouse or his heirs (Turkish Civil Code article 231) as a rule, half
they can request it as a ”residual value participation receivable”. Turkish Civil Code  article
231 acquired goods, in which residual value will be found, 219. it is described in the article. Social security or social assistance institutions and organizations or
crates and the like, which are established to help the staff, are made
with payments (for example, a pension bonus), the loss of working power
compensation paid for this reason; although it is considered to be among the “acquired goods” in our law (Turkish Civil Code article   219) all of these acquired goods
if it is not, part of it is personal property, how is this separation process
it will be held on 228. it is described in the article

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