Although Article 330 of the Law No. 2004 does not contain a provision on bankruptcy proceedings, the Decision clearly affected bankruptcy proceedings as well as enforcement proceedings. For this reason, the path of bankruptcy cannot be followed until 30.04.2020. For this reason, it is necessary to accept that the current bankruptcy and liquidation will stop. In turn, we believe that the extraordinary respite will not prevent these requests from being put forward because direct bankruptcy requests are urgent and because it is a contentious judicial matter. In the Decision, the debtor may request a concordat within the period in which the decision to stop execution is in force
there are no regulations that will prevent it from being found. But there will be no follow-up during this period
because of this, we believe that there is no legally protected benefit to the borrower in making such a request. In turn, the procedures to be carried out in the maintenance of the concordat process should also be stopped in a remarkable respite and the deadlines should not be processed. As a matter of fact, the collection, voting of creditors are transactions that should not be performed during this process, and periods should not be processed in the concordat. Dec March 20 – April 30, 2020, the periods in the law will not work, and the concordat respite will actually be extended in this way with another statement that will not work

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