Creative and enforcement sources of Roman law: according to the political periods of the novel, The creative and effective sources of Roman law vary.

A-creative sources of law during the Kingdom are the King, customary rules, the people’s Assembly (senatus). Executive resources are King.

B-creative sources of law in the Republican period are the work of the people’s Assembly (senatus) and jurists. Executive resources are consuls. During the Republican period, 12 plate laws occurred. As the political reason for the emergence of the 12-Decker law, it is the elimination of class conflict by eliminating the inequality between the patricians and the Pleps. Its legal purpose is to collect (codify) customary law and regularize it.

C-during the first empire or otherwise called Principatus, the creative sources of law were the people’s Assembly and princeps (Chiefs). The source of enforcement is Lawyers.

D – The Last Empire, Dominatus, is the creator and source of power during the period of the emperors.

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