T.C. foreign citizens who are married to a citizen must obtain a residence permit after population registration.

A family residence permit is issued to the spouse of Turkish citizens or foreigners with a residence permit, to the non-adult child of himself or her spouse, to the dependent child of him or her spouse, not exceeding three years at a time.

First-degree relatives of foreign citizens who have obtained a residence permit for any reason in Turkey can also obtain a residence permit.

A foreign national with a residence permit in Turkey is defined as a supportive person. Accordingly, even if the foreign spouse of the promoter has reached the age of 18 with the non-adult foreign child of the promoter or his spouse, the foreign child who is the dependant of the promoter or his spouse may also apply for a family residence permit.

The spouse of a foreign national who will apply for family residence, a Turkish citizen, or a foreign spouse who has a residence permit in Turkey must be present at the time of the appointment.


The migration administration may question the conduct of the marriage contract within the marriage union and request an examination to determine this. If it is determined by official institutions that an arranged marriage has been concluded, the residence permit is refused.

All documents received from abroad must be annotated with Apostille and notarized Turkish translation.

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