Request For Cancellation of Traffic Penalty Minutes


(Here will be written the name of the magistrate’s Criminal Court, where the traffic violation was committed)

Objector: TC Identification Number and open credentials name surname name Father Name etc. and address information should be written.



Subject of objection: place of crime (e.g. Bursa)Traffic Control Branch Office,…..Chief’s office …. date ….. serial,….lineup about the cancellation of the fine written in the traffic penalty minutes.


1 – 34 XX 111 registration plate registered in my private car; Road Traffic Law….according to the provision of the article”….”an addition  cut in absentia on the grounds that his crime was committed ../../20..dated, total ….. TL. a record of a paid traffic ticket has been issued ../../20.. it has been communicated to me in its history.

2-The above information is written in the traffic penalty minutes, according to the registration plate of my vehicle ../../ 20 … arranged in absentia on the date and after months on my side ../../20.. the date has been communicated.

10 of the regulation on” principles and procedures to be applied in the collection and follow-up of traffic fines and documents to be used “entitled” to-do transactions for minutes organized according to the registration plate”. references;

“Highway Traffic Act 116. in accordance with the provisions of the article,

according to the registration plate within the limits of authority of the officials

edited minutes;

a) according to archival records from the organization in which the vehicle is registered, the owner or operator of the vehicle is identified (if more than one is in the first row) and the empty places of the minutes are filled in and notified to the interested person in accordance with the provisions of the notification law 7201, and a copy of the minutes is sent to the relevant property chest for follow-up and collection. Notification process starts within 10(ten) working days. For penalties applied in this way in the notification, it is stated that they can appeal to the competent court within 15(fifteen) days from the date of notification. The appeal stops the payment and the period associated with the payment. But decisions on appeal are final. His judgment is superior.

In accordance with the provision of this article, the process of notifying the interlocutor of the traffic penalty minutes issued, that is, to me, must start within 10 days.

But decency is a long time between the date of alleged violation of the rules and the date of notification, as can be seen in the minutes presented in October. It is obvious that the notification was not made in accordance with the relevant regulation. Record ../../20.. it has been regulated in the history and is no later than the notification procedures in accordance with the open regulation provision ../../20.. until the date (10 after the date of editing the minutes. day) when it should have been made, it is contrary to the procedure and the law that the minutes should be communicated to me months later.

3 – on the other hand, as stated in the penalty minutes in question“…………..”his crime was not committed by me. My right to defend arising from the Constitution is also restricted, as the date on which the minutes were edited is months earlier. A notification made in violation of this regulation was made at a time that would eliminate my justification for objecting.

For this reason, the regulation in question 10 / a.considering article b, it is necessary to decide on the cancellation of the fine written in the traffic minutes subject to the objection communicated in violation of the law. In this respect, Istanbul 3. Magistrates ‘ Court

Dated 22.05.2006, 2006/129, 2006 / 129k. the decision I made from his file and submitted in addition is also in the direction of my objections.

Conclusion and demand: for the reasons I have tried to explain above, I respectfully supply and demand that the decision to cancel the fine written in the traffic penalty minutes issued in violation of the law be accepted with the acceptance of my objection. ../../2015


Name and surname


Addition :

1 – traffic monitoring objections to the branch …… headquarters …. history

….series, … sequence a photocopy of the Traffic Penalty Report.

2- ….. two copies of my license plate.

3-Istanbul 3. Magistrates ‘ Court

Dated 22.05.2006, 2006/129, 2006 / 129k. Nu. the verdict from his file.

4-copy of ID card.

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