The principle of personhood is the principle based on the citizenship of the perpetrator or victim. The country or countries listed places
a crime committed outside of it is a citizen if it was committed by a citizen or committed against a citizen
it refers to the implementation of the country’s law. A state, a person who is a citizen of a crime in a foreign country
if he accepts the application of his own laws, the principle of personality according to the perpetrator, who is a citizen
if a crime is committed against a person, the person who committed the crime shall be punished according to Turkish law
according to the victim, there is a principle of personhood. Our Criminal Code Is 10. and 11. the principle of personhood according to the perpetrator in articles 12.Article the paragraph
according to the victim, he regulated the principle of personhood. Thus, he who commits crimes outside his country, but is located in his country
he accepted the authority to try and punish his citizen with the realization of certain conditions. Citizen
these persons in crimes committed against or to the detriment of a private legal entity established in accordance with Turkish law
other conditions for the person who has committed a crime to protect him to be tried if he is in the country
he has decreed.

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