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Query No. :2021/… Query

Objecting to Judicial Control
(DOUBTFUL) : ………… ( TC ID:………)

Defender : Att. …………..

Subject : ……… is the presentation of our objections to the decision of the Magistrate’s Office on the judicial control measure dated/…/2021 and numbered 2021/… Inquiry.

Instructions :

About the suspect I’m defending, ……… Within the scope of the 2021/… investigation file of the Prosecutor General’s Office,……… By the decision of the Magistrate’s Court dated 2021 and numbered 2021/…, a judicial control decision was made in the form of an obligation to sign one day a week in the form of a request. The decision in question is illegal and the objection should be removed and the suspect should be released unconditionally. That is to say;

The suspect made a sincere statement and told the facts both in his testimony given at the prosecutor’s office and in his interrogation at the magistrate’s court. It is clear that there are no criminal elements about the suspect, that the crime that is the subject of the investigation was not committed by the suspect.

In addition, the suspect’s location is fixed and there is no possibility of escape. Given that the suspect is in no danger of obscuring the evidence, the judicial control obligation to sign the signature of the suspect one day a week causes the victimization of our client. For these reasons, the judicial control measure is an extreme measure by signing a measure limiting the freedom of the suspect, and we have the need to demand that it be removed without objection.

Conclusion and Request :

For the reasons described above, we sincerely supply and demand by proxy that the judicial control measure on the suspect be REMOVED DUE TO OBJECTION and the suspect be released unconditionally.

Suspect’s Attorney

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