SUBJECT: … consists of our request for the termination of the Company named


1-Our client … and the defendants … and … ../../…. history …. they have established a Marketing Limited Company … published on the … page of the numbered … Newspaper.

2 – … From the notary……… date and …….the decision book of the company, certified with the date no .. On its page … the decision is numbered in order ../../…. in accordance with the decisions taken on the date of the meeting, all three partners were elected company directors for 20 years.

3-Due to the fact that the other two defendants are engaged in other affairs, my client has carried out the work of collecting the receivables and giving them to others. But even though my client gave the receivables he collected to the two defendants as they should have been, he gave them to our client … from his notary ../../…. date and …… Journal No. they sent a cease and desist letter.

4-The defendants claim that they did not collect the notice they sent to our client and did not give it to the company……….-They demanded that the Turkish lira be paid to the company headquarters in cash.

5-The fact that the defendants made such a move is a sign of our client as a thief and is a boon for my client, who has handed over all the money he has collected so far to the company and has collected it fairly.

6-My client has not received any documents for all the money he has collected so far. The money collected by our client and delivered to the company headquarters has not been processed in the official records.

7-The main purpose of the defendants is to reduce and use our client, who has asked for an account from the company’s partners, to an unfair situation. Such companies are commercial companies established on the basis of inter-partner trust.dec. As can be seen from the notice sent by the defendants to our client, the defendant partners accuse our client of theft. As a result of this notice, our client has lost confidence in the company’s partners.

8-Such accusations are the reason for the termination of the partnership for justified reasons in accordance with Article 549/4 of the Turkish Commercial Code. Due to the lack of trust of the company’s partners in each other, and since it is not possible to continue the company under these circumstances, it has been necessary to apply to your court for the termination of the company.

LEGAL REASONS: Article 549/4 of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on Civil Procedure and related legislation

EVIDENCE: company records, witnesses, notice


AS A RESULT OF THE REQUEST: For the stated reasons, the company’s partners do not have trust in each other and for justified reasons, since it is not possible to continue the company under these conditions …. Ltd. Şti. we demand that a decision be made to defrag the costs of the trial to the defendant, to impose the counterparty attorney’s fee on our behalf in accordance with paragraph 1 of the Law on the Attorney’s Office in accordance with the Law on our behalf. …/…/…


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