SUBJECT: … is our request that the instalments that have been delivered in full or paid will be refunded.


1- Our client has purchased a Refrigerator with a Freezer from the “Buy TODAY and pay in 12 months” campaign started by the defendant. My client is in compliance with the terms of the contract ……. he deposited the down payment and delivered the refrigerator. Upon our client’s complaints that the refrigerator did not cool down 10 days after the arrival of the refrigerator, the seller had the old cabinet removed from him to give the new one to our defendant client. Our client, who handed over his locker to the seller with the minutes, has still not delivered the ice locker with the new freezer. In the meantime, our client has paid 3 more installments of TL each. Our client, who warned the seller who did not bring the refrigerator, contrary to what he promised, with his words, did not get any results. We ask that the decision be made by the defendant to provide our client with the refrigerator or the installments paid by our client together with the interest.


LEGAL REASONS: The Law on Consumer Protection

EVIDENCE: Contracts and receipts

RESPONSE TIME: 10 days response time


THE RESULT OF THE REQUEST: The amount paid by our client to the defendant seller in advance and installments for the reasons described … to be delivered to my client in kind, if it is not possible to deliver in kind …. We request that TL be paid to our client together with the legal interest paid from the date of payment until this time, all trial expenses be charged to the defendant, and the attorney fee of the counterparty be decided on our behalf in accordance with paragraph 164 / last amended by Law 4667 of the Law No. 1136 on Attorney’s Fees No. 4667. …/…/…

Plaintiff’s Attorney

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