Has a protection demand.

Requester: first and last name, TC. ID Number, Address

Acting: Attorney

Requested: First and last name

Subject: in accordance with the Law No. 6284 on the protection of the family and the Prevention of violence against women, it consists of the submission of our request to take the necessary protection measures.


1. No. 6284 on the elimination of violence against women and the protection of family violence or the aim of the law in the hazard of violence, women, children, and family members who are victims of unilateral persistent tracking of persons for the purpose of protection and Prevention of violence against the person is to regulate the procedures and principles for measures to be taken. In accordance with the law organized for this purpose, our request for these protection measures was submitted because my client was in danger of being subjected to violence and was a victim of unilateral persistent follow-up. That is to say;

(Here under violence or threat of violence the events in person’s life, where the reason for which Protection is sought, how often or how long being disturbed/suffered violence, whether physical or psychological violence suffered economic’t, or in cases where the person under the hazard of violence, etc. details such as should be told. At this point, we cannot give you an example text because this part of the petition will vary according to the characteristics of the specific event.)

2. If such behavior against my client, which is carried out by the defendants, is not prevented, there is a danger that my client will be subjected to violence. As a result of this psychological violence, my client must immediately apply protective measures against the defendants before he is given the opportunity to suffer physical violence.

3. Although a criminal complaint has been filed against the defendants as a result of these events, this behavior is still ongoing. As a result of these events, the client is so affected and psychologically worn out that he cannot do his job.

4. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of both my client and those living together in the same residence, within the framework of the powers recognized by the Law No. 6284 on the protection of the family and the Prevention of violence against women and the opportunities it provides, it is necessary to request that the necessary protection measures be taken and

Legal reasons: Constitution of the Republic of Turkey No. 2709, Law No. 6284 on the protection of the family and the Prevention of violence against women, Turkish Civil Code No. 4721.

Legal evidence: all kinds of evidence that is permissible to replace. ( There is no obligation to show any evidence.)

Conclusion and request: for the reasons described above, both my client and those who live with my client, in accordance with law 6284, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the people living with my client, there is no evidence or document that violence is being applied to the defendants.;

In accordance with article 5/1-a of law 6284, no words or acts involving threats of violence, insults, humiliation or humiliation against my client,
According to Article 5/1-c of law 6284 … not approach the building where my client lives, located at his address,
In accordance with article 5/1-d of law 6284, my client’s relatives and witnesses should not be approached,
According to Article 5/1-e of law 6284, my client’s belongings should not be given,
In accordance with article 5/1-f of law 6284, my client should not be disturbed by means of communication or otherwise,
and we demand and demand that decisions be taken on other measures that are deemed appropriate. (Date)

Claimant Attorney

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