MINISTRY OF JUSTICE GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF FORENSIC REGISTRY AND STATISTICS FORENSIC REGISTRY INFORMATION PROCESSING CENTER ANKARA REQUESTING: A….. B….. (T.C.:……………..) ADDRESS :……………………………….. Ostim Yenimahalle Ankara DEPUTY: SUBJECT OF THE PETITION: It is a request to Delete the Criminal Record and Archive Record. EXPLANATIONS that we have submitted in october annex to this petition, client A….. B…..according to the information in the Judicial Register and Archival Register of the Ankara ( ) Criminal Court of First Instance../../…. Date 2021 /… The main and 2021 /… Decision of the Ankara () High Criminal Court with file No../../…. Date 2021 /… Based on the case files and Decision No. 2021 / … The punishment has been taken, these sentences have been executed. Although these sentences have been executed and the necessary legal periods have passed, the sentences given are still seen in the Archive Record of the Judicial Registry. These records negatively affect the client’s side both in my social life and in his business and official life. The fact that these records have not been deleted from the judicial registry archive record in the official transactions that the client will make in the future and the applications that he will make will cause the client to suffer a great loss of rights and victimize the client. As a result, for all these reasons described, it was necessary to request the deletion of the Records seen in the client’s Judicial Record Archive Record in order to prevent future irreparable rights losses, both from an official point of view and from the point of view of the client’s social status. CONCLUSION AND DEMAND: For the reasons we explained above, client A….. B…..we offer and request by proxy that the decision be made to delete the records seen in the Judicial and Archival Records of the and to take the necessary actions in accordance with this decision. 22/10/2021

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