attorney :

SUBJECT : Our objections are against the administrative supervision decision.



1-) Our client ….. …….., ….. in order to become a citizen of his country and enter Turkey on the date of /…/……. He arrived at the Customs Gate, during the searches conducted here, he was evaluated in the category of “those who were found to have arrived in Turkey despite the fact that they were banned from entering Turkey” and a decision was made to deport him.

2-) In the subsequent review, Article 54 of the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection was adopted. Article 2. Among those who received a deportation decision on the “contained in the paragraph; the risk of loss and escape to Turkey for violating the rules of entry or exit, using a false document or false, not recognized in time to leave Turkey without an acceptable excuse, public order, public security or public health administrative supervision by posing a serious threat to the governor’s office about the decision to be taken.” The decision on administrative supervision was made about our client on the basis of the legal basis of the provision and he was sent to the repatriation center on the date of /…//.


3-) Our client was detained at the repatriation center from the date of /…/… and after the expiration of 6 months, he was also arrested under Article 54 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. Article 3. The administrative supervision period in the “Repatriation centers” contained in the paragraph may not exceed six months. However, this period may be extended for a maximum of six more months if the deportation proceedings cannot be completed due to the foreigner’s lack of cooperation or failure to provide accurate information or documents related to his country.” Citing the regulation, the decision was made to extend it for another 6 months.


4-) No conditions have been created in terms of granting an extension decision, and there are all conditions for sending our client to his country, so it was necessary to appeal this decision and contact your court to ensure that our client was sent to his country.


CONCLUSION AND REQUEST: For the reasons explained above, we ask and request that our client be sent to his country by proxy on behalf of our client. …/…/…


The Objector’s Attorney

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