Article 1- Subject;


The contract in question is …….. who carries out general distribution and marketing of the product he produces in Turkey as a general distributor…….. this is a contract dec the companies engaged in wholesale and retail sales of this business, which contains the principles of linked sales for the purpose of distribution and marketing of this material.


In the text of the contract, companies engaged in wholesale and retail sales will be referred to as “sellers”.


Article 2- Connection Price;


For linked sales, the price list dated /…/… will be valid.


Article 3- Connection Payments;


….. connection payments per year, …/.…/…. the month starting from the date is of equal duration. As for payments, it is every month ………. it will be taken as payment.


Article 4- Connection Advance Premium;


…. the seller who makes the internet connection deserves an advance premium on the connection. However, it is essential that connections are made within the time limit (no later than … /… /…) connections that are not made within the time limit are not given a premium.


Article 5- The Amount of an Advance Premium;


a) The Amount of the Premium

When the SELLER issues the link checks and notes to … no later than …/…/… the link deserves an advance premium of up to …% of the total amount of these checks and notes (including VAT).


b) Premium Invoice

The SELLER issues the Advance Premium invoice for the connection together with the connection payments to …(at the latest../../..)


Article 6- Shipment of Goods for Connection and Premium;


The seller pays the connection and the upfront premium invoice…….’when you gave me a connection to order the premium and the return of the goods, depending on seller’s request …… within the address out of the city, in the enthusiasm of the seller …… is delivered to the shipping warehouse in ……by .


Item 7- Shipping;


Shipping is the seller’s responsibility.

Article 8- Unfair Competition;


The seller buys the product, ……… he can’t market it by doing it. About the seller who took this action to deceive the consumer ……. legal action will be taken by the In addition, legal action will also be taken for those who distort the packaging of the original packaged products, mixing them with poor-quality products and selling them.


Article 9- Unconnected Sales;


The current price is applied to the goods request and non-connection orders of the seller who does not participate in the connection. ……… including a term ……. payment is made in installments. These sales will not be given a premium, nor will connection benefits be taken advantage of.


Article 10- State of Default and Exemption;


Protested bills and checks the maturity of the seller and the dealer of his own in the turnover of checks to the seller and the customer protested that unrequited customer within a week of receipt of the Securities, the price paid by the buyer if it is …… to stop the shipment, and is authorized to cancel orders given in advance to reclaim premiums. In this case, the seller cannot have any objections, as well as agrees and undertakes to refund the premiums received in advance in kind.


In addition, all remaining debt of the seller becomes due, and the seller agrees and undertakes not to object to the tracking of all checks and notes issued by the seller, even if they do not meet the due date ……………….


In case of delay of the above-mentioned payments, the delay interest is charged with the daily account (excluding VAT), including % … per month from the due date of checks and bills of exchange.


Article 11- Competent Courts and Enforcement Agencies in Case of a Dispute;


For disputes that are likely to arise from the contract …. Courts and enforcement agencies will be authorized.


Article 12- Contract of Evidence;


Failing to implement or for disputes arising from the implementation of the convention ……’no accounting records of 1086 287 of books and code of Civil Procedure. in accordance with the article, there is conclusive evidence and no other evidence can be substituted.


This agreement …/…/…… day ……. it is concluded in ’





SELLER                         GENERAL DISTRIBUTOR

Cachet                                           Cachet

Signature                                        Signature

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