The lawyer’s fee refers to the amount or value that is equivalent to the lawyer’s legal assistance.

Not to exceed twenty-five percent, the value of the case or the thing to be decided, or a certain percentage of the money, can be decided as an attorney’s fee.

Contracts concluded in accordance with the second paragraph cannot bear the provision that some of the goods and rights other than the money subject to litigation will belong to the lawyer in kind.

The attorney’s fee cannot be decided under the attorney’s minimum wage tariff. In case of receiving a free case, the situation is notified to the board of directors of the bar association.Where the lawyer’s fee has not been agreed or there is no written fee agreement between the parties or the fee agreement is not obvious or controversial or the provision of the fee agreement dec the fee is deemed invalid; a sum of ten percent to twenty percent of the value of the time limit at the time of decisionization is determined as an attorney’s fee according to the lawyer’s labor for the won part of the case by the authority authorized to examine wage objections, provided that the minimum wage in cases and jobs whose value can be measured with money is not below the tariffs. In cases and works whose value cannot be measured with money, the minimum wage tariff of the lawyer is applied.

At the end of the case, the attorney’s power of attorney fee, which will be charged to the other party based on the decision and tariff, belongs to the lawyer. This fee cannot be exchanged and deducted, foreclosed due to the debt of the business owner.

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